withdrawal symptoms

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are just too many things to record since I haven’t been blogging often enough.

The first is that I’ve not been as happy as I was in the first month.

Part of this is attributed to it not seeing my students during the exams and not often even after the end of exams. I, however, miss teaching and the interaction I have with the students, who I must admit often make my day.

It’s the very silly things they do, like fart then laugh and run out of the classroom.

How they are not self-conscious, so that it’s common to see a row of boys sharing blue oil blotters and blotting away during the lesson.

How when I tell them I’m leaving to study, those fearing that they will be retained tell me to study hard and not be like them. The reversal of roles is amusing.

How Mr. Bionic vision, known for his notoriety, extends his hand to shake mine, probably gangster code for ‘welcome to the gang’ and offers to send me home

Yes, I’m upset because I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Also, I’ve started to feel a certain distaste for teachers who have given up on my darling students, who are ever willing to speak negatively about them. Probably this jadedness emerges over the years and is partly warranted, so I need to watch myself if I become judgmental.


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