October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

The very notion that my kids will probably be cleaning the toilets for community service fills me with absolute delight, so much so that I find myself laughing while peeling eggs this morning.

I don’t look forward to the holidays. Gah.

On another note, I am finding myself attracted to Merton. I saw an excerpt from his book in ‘My Life with theSaints’ and it’s absolutely breathtaking. I can almost imagine myself there and feeling the peace that he feels.

“I knew the deep, deep silence of the night, and of peace, and of holiness enfold me like love, like safety. The embrace of it, the silence!  I had entered into a solitude that was an impregnable fortress.  And the silence that enfolded me s poke to me, and spoke louder and more eloquently than any voice, and in the middle of the quiet, clean-smelling room, with the moon pouring its peacefulness in through the open window, with the warm night air, I realised truely whose house that was, O glorious Mother of God!”

(The Seven Storey Mountain)



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