October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

The students here are mighty charming, as you know already. When it comes to exams though, more than a few do not make the grade. While being retained is painful for the student, who realises too late the importance of studying and listening in class, it is painful for me as well. I can imagine though, that the pain is intensified if the student has been working hard but lacks the aptitude. A colleague won my admiration for appealing for such a student. The appeal was unsuccessful. Seeing the student the next day, shaking the hand  of another boy who feared being retained as a sign of camaraderie, was heart-wrenching. The said colleague was walking behind them.

A student who tried to strike a conversation with me got brushed off because I was not in the mood for small talk that day 😡 I’m feeling sorry about it now because the little guy has been skipping school, and when he did return, I welcomed him with such a response. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making things seem bigger than they are though. After all, you can give a dagger-like stare at a typical student here and have him/her greet you cheerfully the same day. But I say typical, it would be a mistake to see them as all the same.


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