The decline of manliness

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m probably slightly odd, but I enjoy hanging out with the older folk and hearing their stories of old Singapore much more than I like hanging out with people my own age.

Today I had the good fortune to sit with one of them during lunch and listen to his story. My complaint about the younger generation being such pampered beings had him nodding and comparing the children now to him when he was a wee kid. I was telling him how the kids I was with (not my form class) were complaining about the hot sun and were very reluctant to participate in games. The boys were pretty bad. While the girls would grin and bear, they would disappear to take long toilet breaks just to get shade. He was pretty understanding and took the opportunity to explain to me the quirks of my generation! In some sense, I understand the quirks, being from the same generation. Yet, it is infuriating, the way they are so spoilt and can’t stand abit of the sun. Not that I can stand it either, but I grin and bear if I have to do something.  I should bring this Mr. L with me so he can tell the kids how he had to cycle more than an hour each time he went to and back from his school and sleep on a mat in the balcony! And how he entertained himself by catching spiders and flying kites, rather than sitting pretty in the air-conditioned room with a tiny gadget. The girls of my generation just have to make do with effeminate guys who haven’t had a whiff of danger, or do without them at all, which isn’t such a bad thing. They serve very well as girlfriends though. That said, these overly fragile beings will probably not be the violent wife-ignoring, wife-beating husbands as is typical of men in the older generation, an exception being my perfect, strong and manly Kong Kong. Hardship does make a man, Kong was an orphan and had to use his brains to earn money and hands to work at various enterprises. If I find a man like Kong, I will fall in love.

I hope the boys in my own class resemble men, or my faith in them would suffer a huge blow. At least I know one of them cycles to go fish, and they enjoy soccer. And when they see me standing they grab a chair 🙂 I am very biased, I know.


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