October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

S is strange.

He does not pay attention during lessons. He does not come to school.

“Do you want me to go through the answers with you since you didn’t come?” I ask him, when he finally came. He softens, but gives a manly and cool answer, “Anything.” But his paper could not be found. Things magically disappear in class. “You threw away my paper because I am a useless student right,” he accuses me. A very hilarious accusation actually, until you realise he may think it is true. “No, I gave it all out,” I reply, still searching for the paper. I do not look at him, but heard his gentle reply that it was alright. Tip 1. When they accuse you of lying through your nose or throwing away their paper, remain calm.


Being an INFP, I am supposed to be keenly aware of the feelings of those around me. But even so, I find their feelings to be strange things. They can treat you good one day and ignore you when in a bad mood the next day. Later, when I put on an air of indifference and say I may be leaving, he walks away and bangs his fist against the wall. Is that anger or sadness? I rule out sadness because he doesn’t come to see me after school with the class, and to get chocolates too! So it’s anger, or frustration. But why should he be angry?

The way I see it, banging his fist against the wall is a habit of his, because he’s generally frustrated. I do not have any tips here.



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