Strength to shop

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

For most women, I assume, shopping is a joy.

It is something I wonder at though. I like going to flea markets to check out the interesting things they have. However, shopping in clinical, ever so standard shopping malls as is characteristic of the ones here is positively a chore.

I found myself praying for strength to buy shoes last week. The task of buying shoes has been put off for a few weeks now, ever since I started work. I have been looking around, but the shoes I saw never withstood my fussiness combined with the requirements of my workplace — lots of walking, even running. After a few rounds of looking, you must understand I needed strength to continue my search.

My maker gave me this strength in a brilliant way. My worn out pair spoke up; it shirked itself off its sole. Being mightily clever, I threw the sole away instead of gluing it back. There was no glue available, and the blue tack didn’t work. This meant walking around with a strange gait the whole day and holding onto the railings like a frail leaf because I was afraid of falling.

But this thought vanished when I saw my bus. I dashed.

So of course, I fell, and in the midst of the pain resolved to buy a new shoe.

Yesterday, I mustered up the courage and the money to pay $138 for a shoe I had been eyeing but was too stingy to buy, because it was the only one which met my stringent requirements. I am delighted with the sound it makes when I walk, its colour and its breathability 🙂


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