A father’s heart

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I was settling down to pray in the adoration room, I couldn’t help noticing that right beside me an old man was praying aloud.

So I asked Jesus to excuse me while I listen in. And as I listened, I couldn’t help smiling.

This man was praying for his daughters, specifically that they return home safely from their trip with colleagues. He kept repeating this prayer, very earnestly. Lastly, and only lastly did he pray for his legs.

Despite the painful legs, he tottered towards Jesus and placed his hands on the glass covering. And repeated the same prayers.

I wanted to laugh. Still, I was touched by his prayers. I thought it revealed a father’s heart, a father who placed his daughters above himself.

And despite all that tottering, I believe that here was a good man, a true one.

I started to wonder if God was telling me something about His own heart.

(I think he did mention something about Jesus knowing that he loves his wife, as on the day they met. I might be imagining it though. Wasn’t listening carefully enough.)


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