March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

My mother looks out of the window to watch me as I go to work and I feel loved. I figure, if my mother loves me this much, then God must really love me.

For a while, I’m happy that He loves me and I think it’s all I need.

The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.

Recently, I’ve found myself less concerned about winning human (those whom I like) affection, and more concerned about my friendship with God. I’m happy it’s this way.

However, it seems I only have such thoughts when I’m alone with myself. The rest of the day is spent in another realm, thinking about a whole other set of things. I am distracted. I have to make the effort to make myself available to people, because I think, maybe they feel busy and out of touch too.

Carefree timelessness. A word I learnt from ‘The Rhythm of Life’. It means I am present to the people I’m with. In theory, I feel that all I need to do is to find the Jesus within me and recognise the same Jesus in them. Ah, but when I am actually talking to people, I forget to find Jesus. Though I try to be present with some people, and listen.

I am not a listener. I find it difficult unless it’s with a close friend, or unless I’m interested in being friends :X


Hmm. Anyway. Vocation. I was thinking, my mother’s vocation is to be a mother. By her love, I can imagine what it’s like for God to love me.

What’s my vocation? To be a carefree timeless person? 🙂


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