childhood bliss

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was very tired at work today. But it was a good day because the classes were manageable. And because I had slogged hard at the marking, I could leave class time for them to do their corrections. I have never seen students so interested in doing corrections. 🙂 

God is provident. He provides my students the interest to do corrections so I can scold less rest more.

When I was on my way home on the bus, and gazing out of the window, I suddenly felt the way I had felt when I was a little girl. It may have been because the bus was bathing in the evening light, which I suppose my childhood was made up alot of. I recall sleeping in the afternoon and waking up in the evening. Perhaps I am still the same person as I was when I was a child? 

I had a lazy and relaxing time eating qing tang and stoning. Could you call it stoning? I was fascinated by how the sunlight fell against the buildings, by little children running…almost whatever my eyes rested upon. 

Then I went to buy kropok and sat down to read, first in the park, then in front of the field. At the park, I stared up and wondered why I had never taken the chance to sit at the park. The sunlight through the canopy was beautiful, and I even noticed butterflies. I thought then that my vocation would have something to do with nature. At the field, there were some boys flying a kite. Carefree timelessness. As I looked at them, I remembered the time where I would play. 

Yes, play! No wonder I was so happy then! Every day was a day to meet friends, to play, and then to rest without any worries. Could this be my vocation? To play, to spend time in a carefree way looking at birds…

What kind of job would allow me to do that? Photography? 

I thought then that I could die happy. 





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