I hate making d…

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I hate making decisions. I close my eyes and put if off for as long as I possibly can. If only the right choice would be so clearly right. 

Black and white. But alas, it’s not so.

Gray areas (though aesthetically, gray is nice) 

Decision wise, emotionally, intellectually, I like black and white. 

I wonder why I am always having dilemmas. Always, it seems. 


Walking home one day, I suddenly felt depressed.

And I tried to find within me God’s presence.


Which led to the panic reaction. Have I fallen from grace?

So I called out to Mary. Well, she’s a mother. If there’s anything I am sure of in this world, it’s that you can always turn to your mother.

Then, I felt it. A presence.

Treasuring it in my heart, I walked home almost in tears.

Friends, what a friend I have in Jesus 🙂 And Mary, she intercedes for me 😀

This week, I concentrated on being in His presence, and am all the more happier. 

Hello Jesus, you reading this?



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