My 18 year old frivolous self

January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m looking through my JC stuff and remembering the person I was then. I think somewhere along the way I lost my zest for living and forgot who I am. And while my 18 year old self does not represent the whole of me, it’s an important part of who I am that I want to remember, because I felt much more alive then.

I was so frivolous then, but it’s part of being alive and happy and playful I guess? 😛 I took copious notes…not in lectures, but of the things that were happening.

I even have a dictionary+scrapbook, which has a record of the lingo I used then…

Look at all my acronyms!

EC: Eye Candy

Definition by 18 year old self: Refers to someone you like to look at and look out for to make life interesting but would not really want to get to know…because of what you may find out!!!

Comments by 24 year old self: This was fun but I think it’s not very moral to use people like that!


Definition by 18 year old self: Means many things– Prince Charming, Production and Cost (econs topic), Permutation and Combination and recently Perfect Cadence (Guitar concert theme). One of my favourite acronyms.

Comments by 24 year old self: It’s less relevant now but I think it still remains my favourite acronym!

Even key events featured in my dictionary…

VS Protest: Guys pinned VS badges on their sleeves and protested by their MSN nick. No, we don’t want to turn co-ed. I so agree…single sex schools rox!

I even have my notes from a brainstorm session on how to chase an unwanted P away, which included playing eerie music in the toilet. Umm, I guess my morals then were kind of questionable.

But seriously, I think I enjoyed myself 🙂





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