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haha I know it seems abit silly to report this tiny teeny weeny event, but I bought UV-resistant spray with a matte finish today and I think it’s pretty cool!

This way, my quilled work won’t fade and the quilled earrings can withstand abit of rain.

It’s abit pricey though. $16.80 at Art Friend.



Just checked the sprayed items. Can’t really tell they’ve been coated, except that they look slightly powdery. This I guess is what they mean by ‘matte finish’.

I’ve washed my hands 3 times with just 1 spray..because I spray 1 side, wash, wait 15 min, spray the other side, wash, wait 15 min, check my items, wash again because actually I’m supposed to handle them only after 2 hours.

If I ever sell my stuff, I think I need to add in the cost for water and soup haha.



Card for Vera :)

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my first papercuts

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Boy reads to brother (template from Karen Whimsey)

Templates from Cindy’s blog

I based this on The Little Mermaid movie poster.

This picture is of it against the light.

I couldn’t find construction paper… I guess this is unique, though my mother couldn’t make out the mermaid!


getting started with papercutting

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I’ve been thinking, that though quilling is really cool and all, when it comes to making cards to be sent in the mail, papercutting is comparatively fuss-free.

Here are a few sites I got started out with:


The artist Cindy is really kind to provide free templates. Her artwork is really beautiful as well.

Cinderella taking her gown from some birds

Mushroom Bunny

Then there’s Karen Whimsy, who provides silhouette images which can be used as templates too.

Silhouette Clipart - 6

For a different kind of style, there’s Robryan:

You Can Still Do A Lot With A Small Brain, Papercut 2008

Cool stuff you can print

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Cool stuff from Canon Creative Park. You can print all of these out 😀


CD calendar

Town calendar by erico

camera calendar by erico

Gift card set by Ayako Kishi


Gift card sets by Shoko Sugiyama


making toys

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I admire this woman for creating paper toys for children. Not only are they fun to make, but it makes toys accessible. I still remember my childhood days of crafting tables and chairs from paper. They were really simple and though I didn’t even have any people to sit on the chairs or food on the table, I remember being very happy that my tables and chairs could stand. Now life is a bit more complicated and toys are so advanced, yet I don’t think they can ever replace the simple joys derived from making one’s own paper toys 🙂



Another toy-maker worth checking out: http://www.madebyjoel.blogspot.com

carving my summer away

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In Vancouver this time, autumn is approaching.

Autumn, the end of summer.

Although I’m in all-year-sunny Singapore, who proudly celebrates her birthday today anyway, I feel as if autumn is approaching. School is starting, and my days of carefree lounging around has ended.

Sad that I hadn’t made full use of the time to pursue my artistic interests, I sat down today and carved a leaf. Then drew a tree and stamped it all over.

I also carved a pencil. Perhaps it’ll shall signal my approaching studying days. 

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