she prays over her children

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Almost every morning, my mother will look out the window to see me as I go off to work.

She did this when I was little. She still does this when I’m grown.

Today though, I had a sudden thought.

The thought that I’m  constantly on my mother’s mind.

She prays over her children.

Well, time to be grateful for Mother Mary as well.


Bliss is

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

admiring my grandma’s modular basket decorated with flowers, of which the method of folding was thought up all by herself 🙂

coming back home very late and seeing my mummy on the couch waiting for me

eating ice-cream and biscuits with the grandparents as we watch TV

walking into a ray of the setting sun and being suddenly surrounded in so much light, I think I might be in another realm

sitting in the adoration room, just breathing



My Kong Kong

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kong Kong is partially deaf. As such, I hardly know how to communicate with him.

He is usually in the backyard kitchen, seated on a beach-like chair, looking out at his plants perhaps. Or the sky.









Occasionally, he changes the position of his windmills. There is a bee my sister gave him, which has a windmill as wings. The bee’s body fades in the sun. He buys a dragon fly foam cut-out and changes the bee into a dragon fly.

He pastes a sunflower in the middle of his standing fan.

He fiddles with food, trying out new recipes. Mama helps him. Daddy comes home from their house with roti pratas and kuehs.

He offers me apples when I come to his house. He makes Milo for my grandma and me. He gives me biscuits.

When I was younger and at the age where I should have outgrown my bottle, he smiles cheekily and teases me when he sees me still drinking from my bottle.

I sleep on the bed in the spare room. When I wake up, he asks me if I have been to China. The next time I sleep and wake up again, he asks if I went to Hong Kong and came back. I smile, not knowing how to continue the conversation because he can’t hear.

A few days ago, while he was scooping mee siam Mama prepared for himself while I was standing near by, he asks me how much the mee siam is. When he adds the spring onions, he tells me it’s ‘from my garden’ and points me it its direction. I am happy, for I can count with my hands the occasions when he has spoken to me over the years.

Mama says she fell in love with him because he is simple.



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I had Malay relatives coming over this CNY. Apparently, my grandpa’s brother married a malay. Awesome. This is a picture of us saying goodbye. Love it!

History come alive

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It has been a most interesting Chinese New Year. It was a history lesson come alive for me.

I learnt about what Singapore was like in the old times. Life was tough then. My grandma’s brother lived in a compound house, and he says he was one of the luckier ones who had a well and running pipe water. He also described how the toilets were like–very far from the house because of the smell, and having two separate parts, for big business and small ones 😀

Then I learnt about my grandpa and his french loaf. It’s really a cool story. More to come on that, I need to find out the details 🙂

I’ve also just been talking to my cousin on facebook and sharing the family stories we’ve heard over the years. We talked about how handsome and pretty our grandparents are too, and how they fell in love. It’s really romantic I think, though it was a match-make 😀 Mama says she liked Kong Kong because he was a simple guy. And he is, I really like my Kong because of that too. And also, he looks out for me. I don’t know why Kong liked Mama. Sure she was pretty. But since he’s been having hearing problems, my communication with him is mostly huge grins and gestures. He only understands when my grandma speaks.

I’m thinking of having a family scrapbook 🙂 Since I like crafting so much, it’s probably gonna be quite ok. I just need all the help I can get with the collection of stories and photos!







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As I was decorating chinese new year cakes at Mama’s house today, I suddenly remembered what it was like to be happy. My grandpa rolling dough and pressing out shapes for the cake on my right, and my grandma and me decorating the cakes.

And when I look up, I sometimes see a bird I’ve never noticed perched nearby. It is the closest I can ever get to a unique bird. Right beside my grandma’s backyard, there is this big tree where the birds congregate. The birds chirp ever so loudly and continuously as we make the cakes, so much so that sometimes I think they are having a really decent conversation. A moment or two, I had the thought that maybe I could understand them.

Later I slept to the lullaby of sounds my grandparents make while working in the kitchen. It seemed entirely possible then to forget that I have grown up already.

I think God has been reminding me that I’m still a child. There are birds I’ve never seen, with conversations I can only guess about. Yesterday when I went to Hort Park, I discovered that there are plants with flowers that pop, or whose flowers look like flames.


There are thoughtful plants, with a landing pad for the flying insect to gather nectar from the flower.


There are plants with flowers so shy they make themselves small and hide behind their leaves.


The world looks new. My grandfather laughs. A family ponders which camera to get. A little boy drops his toy cars but derives fun from picking them up. Books that I read as a child are re-discovered. I bring home an onion which sprouted shoots to grow.

like grandfather, like granddaughter

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

In the big open-spaced kitchen, Kong Kong and Mama experimented with some coconut and jelly. Their friend had given them young coconuts with deliciously tender flesh filled with jelly a few days ago and it was a treat for all. Even my mum, who avoids ‘rubbish’ (generally refers to snacks) succumbed to tasting it, then finishing it all up. Typical of Kong, he was going to make that too. Mama had to help, haha.

I think I got that from him. Inside the house, I was quilling.

It started out when I went to meet my mentor for lunch at Holland V’s Sushi Tei and decided to wander about in the shops after that. I chanced upon, to my delight,  really cool and intricate quilled items ranging from earrings to cards to name card holders. I bought a earring as a friend’s birthday present and have been thinking about it ever since. Thing is it’s pretty hard to get quilling materials in Singapore, except at Art Friend which has exorbitant prices. But I did eventually find quilling paper at Golden Dragon in Chinatown. My gripe is that it doesn’t sell them in GREEN and black. I can colour white quilling paper black myself, but the lack of green is really limiting because I’m only interested in quilling plants and garden animals. But anyway, I did manage to quill some flowers and garden animals, which didn’t need any green. 😀



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