Gone and back

January 24, 2010 § 5 Comments

When I first arrived in September

I discovered

the garden at AQ,


which held

among its tall bushes

a delightful secret


There were the little things too,

like leaves

in shapes I had never seen before.


I went to grouse for the big things.

It was a mountain.

On my way up I thought

maybe I would fall and die.


But no.


In October

I was soon hanging onto dear life again

this time quite happily


on the way to see the whales.


Then I went to the rockies where

I fell in love with the mountains and the lakes


gurgling brooks,

grazing cows,

and funnily,

christmas trees covered in snow.


All too soon we were back in school

But Halloween comforted with her other delights.


In November

on the way to whistler

I beheld

the untouchable beauty of Shannon falls

shannon falls (20th Nov)

which brought alive for me

the notion that the destination’s not everything.

Amidst the dreary rains of vancouver’s november also

I seized a sunny day, so rare

and went to Stanley Park myself.

I saw there a fallen tree to climb

which in excitement I scrambled up

How I love trees, fallen ones included.


In december

just when I thought maybe I was done with discovering

I walked onto the rooftop

towards the mountains



I never knew you could just climb onto the rooftop to reach beauty.

Sometimes you have to travel though

and travel I did

to New York




Niagara falls




through doors I never thought I would enter


into the glorious places within


I should mention it involved lots of snow

The tiny flake you see when you look over your shoulder…


and others you sink your boots into.


The last day in school was ironically

a day of further discoveries

Amidst the packing

I spent it staring

this time more closely

at the sunrise


at the snow


Even the unoccupied benches looked beautiful to me DSC02644

As the time ticked away

I was overcome by nostalgia

sitting in the kitchen

looking outside the window…


4 months away

but I’m back now.


Into the land of good food


sunny days


and I guess most importantly,



and who can forget,




holy rosary cathedral

December 14, 2009 § 2 Comments


I came to this beautiful church 2 times. The first time was for student mass, in which the Archbishop Miller made us students promise that we will bear Christ’s light in our studies and bring at least one person to Christ. The second time was when I came for the advent organ concert with Diana! The place just makes you want to worship. Also, if this is nice, how much more beautiful will heaven be 😀 😀

DSC01174 DSC01175 DSC01137 DSC01116


November 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

Shannon Falls

mountains seen from SFU

November 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

0911130035 0911130044

Stanley Park

November 5, 2009 § 2 Comments


Sunny days have been painfully rare these days, and to add to that, the sun has been setting very early at 4.30pm. So when I checked the weather forecast and it said Wednesday would be a sunny day, I flung away all obligations to go for lessons and went to Stanley Park by myself 😀

0911040045 It is indeed a pretty place. I started off at the coal harbour seaside walk and saw many pretty boats. Some looked nothing like boats and more like houses. Ah, a life at sea 😀

0911040077 Then I came upon a duck pond and because I was hungry, I sat down to eat my lunch. Halfway through eating, I noticed a crow looking at me eating. I got scared, but decided to be brave so I stood up and walked towards the crow. It got scared. Then I sat down again. Now, two seagulls fly over and stare at me as I eat. I repeated the same process. Since there are few ducks in Singapore, I also whipped out my camera to take photos of the ducks. However, whenever I clicked my camera, they would dive in the water and show me their backside. Maybe they’re having their lunch too (diving into water=finding food to eat). It took quite a while before I got some shots of them actually behaving decently.

0911040085 After my scary lunch and the indecent show by the ducks, I continued on my journey. I was surprised when I saw a fallen tree. It was very old, probably my age or older. I stared at it for a while when I realised that I could climb onto it 😀 Yay! So I proceeded my climbing. I distinctly heard someone say, “there’s a girl up on that tree!” It was quite easy, but being the easily satisfied person that I am, I was highly proud of myself and tried to take a few shots of myself on the tree. They turned out to be quite bad. Heh. While watching people pass by as I sat on the tree, the clever girl in me realised I could ask someone to take a shot of me. So ahh…I shouted out to the passers-by and a nice girl took a shot for me 😀 Please do not doubt my sanity.

The scenery changed quite a bit when I passed the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Now, the path was flanked by the cliff on the left and the sea on the right, where previously the path was flanked by trees on the left. Signs told me to beware of falling rocks, but of course, I was assured that God would protect me. 😀

0911040130The swish rock was really nice, with the sunset behind it. A tree took the liberty to grow on top of the swish rock. I’m wondering what will happen when the tree grows up and becomes bigger than the swish rock.

After passing the swish rock, I finally came to some beach. I’ve been missing going to the beach and actually seeing some sand. However, the beach was not very pretty and I’m sorry Canada beach, but I think Singapore’s beach is nicer. 😡

Am super proud of myself for walking more than 10 km today! I also must thank God for leading me safely to Life in the Spirit seminar which was at night, even though I didn’t plan too carefully how I would get there. LISS was, once again, life-giving. There is such a community of love, even though I won’t say people are familiar with each other yet. But I can say confidently that it is a safe environment to voice your experiences and vulnerabilities without fear of being judged. Sharings today took on a deeper level as we shared the changes we see in ourselves after the baptism of the holy spirit. For that I am glad. 🙂

too short

November 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

I came assured that there shall be nothing I will miss when I leave Vancouver. I come here missing Singapore, enjoying myself but nevertheless, knowing that I will want to go back.

And that has not changed. Surely, it has not changed, just that now when I think of leaving, I also think of some friendships I will be leaving behind and there is a tinge of sadness when I think I have but 2 months to solidify whatever friendships I want to solidify here. There have been people I’ve met whom I think 4 months is not enough to get to know. And even when I think of people whom I don’t really like or have no intention getting to know better…I’m starting to think that 4 months is just too short a time to waste it over wanting not to be with certain others, for 4 months is all we have. Why not make it good? Admittedly I realise this only when I have 2 months left, but the urgency only becomes stronger.

I’ve spent too much time, while at point A, wishing I could be at point B. Part of it was out of fear. I feared that I might change, I had the notion that if I made too good friends here it would mean less space in my heart for the ones back home. I thought it was me trying to be faithful. But I underestimated the capacity of my heart. There is always room for more, always space to love and be vulnerable. It’s time to treasure and embrace the now.

If all the people whom we love and who love us could congregate in one place…

heaven 🙂


October 26, 2009 § 2 Comments





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